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"I realize in this world, things are not always what they seem. Using the power within, you can choose your own destiny.  Set aside all that is handed to you, but be grateful. Decide what you want and go after it. Live in the moment each day. Don't wait for the moment to happen because it will never come.  I have had a lot of moments, but each day I live for the greatest moment."


TYJON TOM is a managing partner of Atlas Management Funds, managing and controlling investment funds for feature films (foreign and domestic).

From 2000-2013, Tyjon served as president of imAVio Studios, an innovative media production company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, which specialized in photography, independent films, and digital design projects for worldwide clients. 

Despite her constant move as a child from state to state (Texas, Washington, Virginia, and finally Atlanta), she focused on being grounded. Driven by her passion for the arts, she delved deeply into a world of bliss, including dance, theater, photography, and filmmaking.

Tyjon’s interest in dance and theater spun from her role model, Debbie Allen. As a teenager, she often trapped herself inside of her room, dancing for hours and prancing in the mirror. With the perfect ingredients for entertainment, Tyjon and her younger sister formed the R & B dance group, Sugar and Spice. They performed throughout the West Coast and Canada opening for entertainers, like Patti LaBelle, Troop, and Tevin Campbell.

As a student at Paine College, Tyjon worked as a production assistant for channel 12 News in North Augusta, Georgia and eventually dropped out to enter the 9-to-5 work world. Later, she founded PTT Enterprises, a media production company, producing and directing sitcoms, commercials, and music videos. She has worked as a camera and post audio assistant with world-renowned producer/director/writer/actor, Tyler Perry, on the stage play, I Can Do Bad All By My Self and top film producer Will Packer of Rainforest Films.

Real, raw, and intimate simply describe her photographic talents. She used her lens to capture the simplicity of human beings and nature. Tyjon’s work has been illustrated in local Atlanta media, including the Atlanta Tribune, JL Magazine, The Daily Report, as well as international media.

In the film industry, she has worn many jackets: director, producer, and cinematographer. Her directorial credits include The Working Woman, My Soulfa, Silent Obsession, and Hope. Trials, tribulations, and a test of faith have given her the strength and wisdom to continue producing masterpieces.

In addition to working in the film industry, Tyjon is a master of self-discovery, humanitarian, and LGBTQ activist. As the founder of LEO DYNASTY SPEAKS, she engages national and world-wide audiences via coaching, webinars, seminars, products, services, and books on the subjects of inner peace, abundance, tolerance, and happiness. 

Tyjon resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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